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Who Do You Serve?


    Fears vs. Faith When was the last time God told you to share His love with someone? Maybe He was telling you to say hello, smile, pray, help, encourage or even share the Gospel with someone. If you are a Christian, I can guarantee that God has called you and given you to opportunity to do those things. Maybe, you were faced with an opportunity this week, or even today. How many times do we just pass on…
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Your Forever Valentine♥


  Valentines Day If you are like me, you are single and not overly excited about the annual “Love Day.” It’s the day where people of all ages show their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, how much they love them, (Which in my opinion should be everyday). Chocolates, roses and teddy bears seem to be the ticket to winning over hearts. Well, in my world, it’s the day where I am reminded of my True Love and my future love. I…
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Finding Love


     Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give your heart away and never, ever get hurt? We will come back to that question in a moment….    Today, so many people are looking for love, to feel love, to be loved. We tend to try to fill our emotions up with worldly things, one of those being boyfriends. I know many people who go from one boyfriend to the next trying to find their idea…
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“Don’t Say I’m too Young “


So often we are afraid to speak out about our faith, especially around our friends or older people. God is clearly and boldly telling us to stand up and speak out! “The Lord replied, “Don’t say I’m too young for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you.” God tells us that we “must go.” That’s an absolute…it’s a command. He goes on to tell us…”and don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be…
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Guard Your Heart and Be Patient.


I know in today’s world its considered “normal” to have a boyfriend..BUT, When a guy makes us feel important and give us butterflies, we think we are on the road to falling in love. But that road usually leads to a heartbreak. Sometimes that happens time after time, and we are left with an abused and broken heart. Girls, I am here to tell you this. You can wait and hold on to your heart. You don’t have to give it…
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Power in Your Words


There is power in your words. Power to build up or tear down. Your words could have a positive or negative affect on someone’s life forever. Hold your tongue and choose your words to be filled with love and encouragement. Go to iTunes and listen to the song I wrote about bullying called “When You Do This to Me” on the album #PerfectlyYou              

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